Gaspard Randon

FR. Comment un petit bourgeois propage impunément le sexisme et le racisme le plus violent.

EN. How a small priviledged kid became the author of countless racist and sexist writings.

Gaspard Randon de Grolier (pictured) started writing insulting articles towards women, minorities and other students while a student at HEC Paris in 2014 up until 2018.


This site, called, especially insulted young women as well as homosexuals and asians. Here are a few examples ; we covered the faces of the students out of respect.

randon1 randon2 randon3

Despite numerous complaints, Randon's dad, director of a large publishing house, managed to cover it up

Extensive enquiry by several journals pintpointed his role in these illegal acts. The proofs were so numerous that the journalist did not hesitate to name him in their article. Below is a screenshot from the Mediapart article which names Gaspard Randon. Sadly, a leading French Newspaper had to write an article about Randon's action for his responsability to come out.


This Mediapart article came out on January 6, 2020 and is titled Humiliations sexuelles, homophobie, sexisme: voyage au sein des grandes écoles de commerce françaises

Randon now works as a consultant despite representing abhorrent values of hate and discrimination.